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McDar online tools

A great list of online tools for everyday use.
Keyword Ranking MonitorInterest: give rankings and charts for an unlimited number of keywords in Google, Yahoo and MSN!
Pagerank searchInterest: useful to select the pages on which to ask for adding one’s link because the results are ordered according to the pagerank of the pages.
Co-op Advertising networkInterest: Banner exchange system that provides hard links for dynamic websites.

Comment: Google and the other search engines don’t like that very much.
Keyword suggestion toolInterest: Estimation of the number of times a keyword is requested in search engines ; figures are also provided for the most frequent other words associated with this keyword.,
(allows multiple requests at once),
Pagerank and Alexa ranking for FirefoxInterest: The Pagerank remains useful to change pages for link suggestions and the Alexa ranking offers an assessment of the traffic of a website, as well as its world ranking.
Find the good keywordsInterest: Free software that list the pages pointing towards one’s competitor pages, and thus likely to point towards our pages.,,,,
Directory trackerInterest: allows to submit for free a website to directories.
Link Popularity CheckInterest: Assessment of the popularity of up to three websites.,,,
Find broken linksInterest: list broken links for a given website.
HTML Validator and spider simulatorInterest: a clean code is likely to help rankings in the search engines and a quick display of the pages.,,,
One-way link verifyInterest: automatically checks if a link pointing to our page has been kept or removed.
Related terms toolInterest: gives synonyms and related terms, which may be useful to increase traffic.,,
Ranking in Google, Yahoo! and MSNInterest: gives the ranking of keywords in Google, Yahoo! and MSN, up to the 1000th rank.
Sandbox detection toolInterest: Assessment whether a website is affected or not by the Sandbox effect.

Interest: Show changes in Google results for a selection of 1000 keywords.
Traffic rankingInterest: assessment of the traffic of a website, that
is a good complement to Alexa
Links purchase and saleInterest: the Pagerank transmitted when buying those links can help rankings but it is often limited because the pages have many links (internal or external, which makes no difference).,,,
Top 10 Google analysisInterest: analysis of the characteristics of the top 10 pages for a given keyword in Google’s results.
Robots.txt file generatorInterest : automatically creates a robots.txt
C-class testInt�r�t : shows the C-class of a website, which is useful to take into account when using crossed Links.,
Backlink Anchor Text AnalyzerInterest: Shows the text used in the backlinks.
Cache toolInterest: indicates when the pages have last been cached by Google.
Yahoo! vs. GoogleInterest: comparison of Google and Yahoo! results
Keyword analysis toolInterest: show the most frequent keywords in a page and the keyword density.,
Keyword difficulty toolInterest: assessment of the difficulty of a keyword, which can be useful when used with’s Keyword Suggestion Tool.
Search engine listing simulatorInterest: shows how your page is going to look like in Search engine results.
SEO BlogInterest: Great SEO blog with tips that any webmaster will find useful.
PR 10Interest: list the websites with PR 10


More SEO tools and information will be added as we find them. If you have a seo tool, seo tip or link, drop me an email. Thanks to those who have submitted information!

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