Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jeff Johnsons WP Blogging Software

Got this today- Its a link to JJ's WP Blogging software along w/videos for installation.

Links are at the bottom, here is the letter with the links:


It's Jeff Johnson from the Underground Training Lab(TM).

This is just the first in many "get more free traffic" training
emails you'll be receiving.

And I'll be hosting a live webinar or two for you over the next few weeks.

I'll show you exactly what we do in my business to generate new
traffic for our websites.

But most of those all revolve around one thing...

My Highly Customized Search-Engine-Magnet Software...

Technically speaking it's my customized version of wordpress that
includes a ton of SEO friendly tweaks that you won't find anywhere
else... we customized the standard installation so it can grab more
free traffic for you right out of the box.

And it only takes a few minutes to install.

We use a version of this software to build sites like this one:

Last week it averages 566 unique visitors a day.

And it's been doing that pretty much since my guys built in last
November... in less than 35 minutes.

It paid for itself in the first week or two and is now completely
on auto-pilot.

I'll show you how we built it and hundreds of others just like it...

But the first step is for you to install you new seo blog software.

Don't worry, we have a very easy to follow installation video for
you... along with tons of other training material that we'll be
sending you very soon.

So here's what you do:

1. Visit this page and download the installation package:


2. Use this login information to access the download page:

Username: seoblog
Password: undergroundtraininglab

3. Watch this installation video:

4. Install your new seo blog package on a website.

5. Get rid of that ugly template (theme). Watch this
video on how to make your blog look much better:

Now just wait for my next email and I'll show you how to use your
new SEO blog software to grab more traffic and make more sales.

Don't forget about our upcoming live webinar where you can ask me
any question you'd like... live and in person... and it's free.

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