Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We Build Campaign

We Build you a Campaign! GUARANTEED $$$
The service Me and my team are offering BHW is a simple service... Anyone can take advantage of this and prosper. Whether you're new to internet marketing, or just want to make a good investment with promised return.

This isn't a ebook or a guide how to make money online, this isn't a tool for you to play with to make money... This is simply a service. What we'll do is we'll set you up a campaign to start generating profit for you!

The campaigns we work with are exclusively ebay oriented, because this is our expertise. So before reading on understand for this to work with you you'll need:

A. a account
B. affiliation with USA ebay... look up ebay it'll say

Once you have those two things set up, its simple as cake to get this going for you! pays $25 for every lead you generate, a lead is a new signed up customer that bids on a item. Once you reach more than 50 leads in one pay period, ebay pays you $28 per lead generated.

What we do is we build you a campaign, set up traffic from our unique source of traffic, and generate all the leads you've ordered. Once your leads have been generated we pause our traffic source until you order more

This is a very simple investment and will work for just about anyone. The cost per lead is $10 a lead... But in order for us to get everything set up for you there will be some preliminary set up requirements. First of all, we'll need to get you a BANS license. BANS= Build A Niche Store

The cost for the BANS license is $97, so you'll need to pick up a copy of that. We'll send you a link, so pm us before buying.

Secondly, we'll need to custom design your BANS site, with a special template and a unique banner. I have a excellent professional designer I work one on one with who can get that set up for you. That'll cost $200 for the set up, template, and banner.

And of course to put this all up you're going to need hosting and domain. We can recommend some options for you regarding this and help you get set up in that area too.

Then, we'll need to take your set up BANS site and build up its positioning in our stream of traffic with all the methods we use. This could take 2-3 days before it goes into effect, and requires our team of workers pounding away at the keyboard...

The cost to get everything started up will be $200 for the BANS set up and design (covers workers fee's for setup as well) $97 for the BANS license etc. amount for a domain and hosting(usually between $15-$20 depending on what options you choose) $10 per lead, with a minimum purchase of 5 leads.

If you order 50 leads, the price will drop down to $9.50 per lead, meaning you'll get 5 leads absolutely free! plus once you hit the 50 mark, you'll receive $28 PER LEAD as opposed to $25 per lead.

Thats 1400 in your pocket!
Whereas if you ordered 49 leads, you'd only see 1225 in your pocket

Again, anyone, ANYONE can make this work for them, this is a true to life set it and forget it. If you have any questions, ask away or feel free to pm me!

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