Wednesday, May 20, 2015

X Factor Traffic

Who Else Wants The
Top 10 Most Effective FREE
Traffic Tactics of ALL-TIME?"

Willie Crawford was challenged to use these 10
"X-Factor" tactics to generate 100,000 visitors in
6 months to a brand-new tiny niche site…but…
he failed — INSTEAD he generated 1,016,240
visitors in just the past 60 days.


Upgrades to ListD*, Insta*, and JV-Ne*
When you join these sites. Do not but the one time offers. Just skip them and enter the promotion codes after you join in the profile or members home. Do not use these promotion codes on the sign up page if you are a new member. These are to be used only when you login after you create your account.
$197 Value - Upgrade to Diamond at Li*
Allows you to email 5000 optin members every 2 days.

Join ListD*
When you login, enter promotion code:
(Case sensitive)

$250 Value - Upgrade to Platinum at Jv-Netw*
Allows you to post a Joint Venture or seek affiliates from database of 10,000+ members.

Join JV-Netw*
When you login, click on Members Home
Enter promotion code:
(Case sensitive)

$197 Value - Upgrade to Elite at Insta*
Gives you HTML ads on the tool bar. Gets 700% more clicks on your ads.

Join Insta*
(Current member skip to below)

When you login on the toolbar, go to Your Info, Then Profile and
enter promotion code:


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